Quotes by Albert N. Martin

Albert N. Martin

The moment our loved ones breathe their last, their spirits, in the full consciousness of their existence, are immediately made perfect in the moral likeness of Christ.

We wear the yoke of Christ, and while it is an easy yoke, we still plow a cursed field.

[In heaven,] no words are misunderstood, no motives are questioned, differing capacities and abilities provoke no envy or jealousy but only add praise to God for the richness of God’s gifts and graces perceived in one another.

God’s salvation, though appropriated by individuals as individuals, is not an individualistic salvation.

From that very moment, and on into the limitless stretch of eternity, the departing soul of a true believer will never again have one sin to confess, one tinge of coldness of heart to be ashamed of, one inordinate lust or unholy desire to fill him or her with shame and remorse.

You can know and rejoice through your tears that their death is their gain, and that their gain is nothing less than ravishing face-to-face communion and fellowship with the Saviour who has won their trust and captured the supreme affection of their hearts.

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