Quotes by Anonymous


Don’t allow me to fall to temptations that would take me out of the game. If fame or fortune would undermine my integrity, then keep me from it—or take it from me—before any damage is done to me or to others. You are more important to me than any star rating. I love You.

Christ was surrounded by legitimate need—urgent pleas for healing, thousands of barren souls, twelve men to prep for establishing the worldwide church—and He was the only one who could do the job. So if He prioritized down-time, shouldn’t we?

If we are seeking glory, honor, and immortality before God, daily and quiet persistence, faithfulness and obedience is the road to get there. Anonymous sufferings are actually the best kind, Jesus tells us—otherwise, others might recognize us and compliment us and that, alone, will be our reward.

Ironic, isn’t it? We go striving for accolades to please ourselves and our Father, when He desires most for us simply to enjoy Him and let the rivers of His pleasures spill out to others.

If our lifestyle doesn’t even raise the eyebrows of the world, what does that say about our devotion to the gospel?

What if embracing obscurity meant that your family members lost a well-known or well-loved circle of acquaintances? Had to move to a smaller house? Drove uglier cars? Wore older clothes? Took fewer or less expensive vacations? Accepting this part of the exchange is especially difficult for men or women who are the breadwinners for their families.

Does doing something hard for some sort of reward automatically make you a selfish person? No, it makes you human. And guess what—Christ was human too.

My purpose is not to praise myself. My purpose is not to make my name great. My purpose is not to get rich. My purpose is not to gain authority over others for my ego’s sake. My purpose is not to leave brothers and sisters in the dust of my ambition. My purpose is not to make others feel small. My purpose is not to become self-sufficient. My purpose is not to earn a five-star rating from the...

God loves surprises. I wouldn’t doubt that He has kept secret some of the best details just to see the look of complete awe on our faces when we see it all for the first time.

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