Quotes by Bruce Milne

Bruce Milne

The Hebrew vocabulary includes no equivalent to our term ‘Nature’. This is not surprising if by ‘Nature’ we mean ‘the creative and regulative physical power which is conceived of as operating in the physical world and as the immediate cause of all its phenomena’, the only way to render this idea into Hebrew would be to say simply ‘God’… Both ‘rainfall’ and ‘quailfall’ are actions of...

The relation of the Son to the Father in the Trinity, or that between the divine and human natures in the one person of Jesus, or the relationship between divine sovereignty and human responsibility in salvation and sanctification, or the relationship between the individual and the community in the church, or that between the divine and human elements of the Holy Scripture, or the relationship...

The earlier historical evidence from nations such as the Netherlands and Scotland, where belief in election has been a significant factor in the shaping of national character, refutes the idea that this conviction undermines moral motivation; quite the reverse.

God’s holy nature is reflected in his will, which is encountered by us as his law. God’s law is therefore never an arbitrary demand on God’s part. It is the expression of his holy nature, it is the character of God impinging upon us.

From Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden to those in the last human generation on earth at the time of Christ’s glorious return, there is no basis for salvation other than Christ’s death and rising.

The oldest Christian sermon, the oldest account of a Christian martyr, the oldest pagan report of the church, and the oldest liturgical prayer (1 Cor 16:22) all refer to Christ as Lord and God.

In practice, scientific investigation, and its harnessing of natural processes technologically, is founded upon the essential order and predicability of the universe, which is finally a reflection of the inherent order, rationality, self-consistency, and faithfulness of the divine Creator. ‘There are no laws of nature, only customs of God’ (Kingsley)… It is no accident that the...

Service is not the pathway or preliminary to greatness as we commonly assume, rather, it is greatness.

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