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Eric Mason

Solomon made several statements that give great insight and freedom to what it looks like to enjoy sex with one’s wife. “Drink water from your own cistern,” he says. “Let your fountain be blessed,” “take pleasure in the wife of your youth,” “let her breasts always satisfy you,” and “be lost in her love forever.” As a married man, this is one of my favorite passages in the Bible.

Vision is the ability and clarity to see God’s preferred future through Jesus Christ and the Word of God

[Suggestions to develop a plan for spiritual growth in marriage]

  1. Get a visionary picture of what the Lord wants a biblical woman to look like.
  2. Pray for her growth.
  3. Expect that the Lord is going to grow her.
  4. Pray for the strength to lead her in a loving and caring way.
  5. Develop goals and objectives for her development...

For a long time, I didn’t want to be the pastor of a church. I avoided the position mainly because I feared that level of responsibility. I knew that to be a pastor, certain other ambitions, hopes, and dreams inside me would have to be put aside. They would have to die. But God is faithful to continue to challenge the direction we’re heading (or avoiding) until He gets us where He wants us to...

We are not New Testament Christians if we don’t have a prayer life

Men, if your wife is lifeless, uncommitted to the Lord, spiritually docile, and ineffective in her role as a wife, you need to consider not what is wrong with her, but rather what your role is in her being in that state. It doesn’t all fall on you, just as it’s not Jesus’ fault if you aren’t moving forward spiritually. But you must think long and hard about whether you have truly died to...

It actually takes God to turn to God

The role of pastors in the church is to lead, feed, know, care, protect, and project

Godly sex is so paradoxical because two seemingly contradictory things are meant to happen at the same time: we enjoy it, but also must be selfless toward our spouse in having it.

We are to administer gospel-centered words from the Bible to aid in the work of God for her life and growth

Men can have covenants, documents, strategies, and pragmatic principles, but without the gospel there is no authentic empowerment to execute what is laid out in them.

As men we need to become students of our wives. That means understanding what sets her off emotionally, her needs, her passion, and her preferences

Here before us is a man who was man enough to drink in death and spit out victory.

We need fathers, and we’re only going to be fathers to our children when we see that true fatherhood is rooted and defined in God the Father.

Christian men should not have to drag each other to gatherings; they should be set ablaze by the God of heaven so much that they are the first ones in the door, leading their families behind them

Being born again reverses the polarity of creation

A disciple is a learner, but not in the academic setting of schoolroom, rather the work site of a craftsman

Do we really think singing things like “hold me,” “rock me in your arms,” “you are beautiful,” and “you are so sweet” appeals to men? Our insistence on these kinds of songs points to the ongoing over-feminizing of the church

God’s design has always been that men would be fathered. That earthly fathers would be a representation of a heavenly One.

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