Quotes by Graeme Goldsworthy

Graeme Goldsworthy

The wisdom literature in its own distinctive way steers us towards responsible Christian living which applies the reality of Christ to every level of human existence. On the one hand it gives us the perception to make sense of our world, and on the other hand it strengthens our trust in God in the face of things we cannot make sense of. As we pursue wisdom in this gospel-centred way, we...

The responsible task of wisdom is demanded not because we are sinful, but because we are finite creatures of God. The cultural mandate was given to Adam in his innocence and not subsequent to the fall.

Proverbs defines goodness in terms that are wider than morality and ethics. It is the order that underlies the creation.

Guidance of individuals by direct means of dreams, visions and prophetic word decreases as the repository of God’s revealed will grows.

One does not take a pocket flashlight and shine it on the sun to see if the sun is real! The truth of God’s word cannot be subject to the puny light of man’s self-centred reason. God’s word created what is and must interpret what is.

[For Israel,] Eventually it was shown that a monarchy, when it was allowed to express the covenant, was not only permitted by God, but was in fact a divine gift to foreshadow the messianic rule of God’s kingdom.

The optimism of Proverbs is that chaos has not conquered, and that order can still be perceived.

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