Quotes by J. C. Ryle

J. C. Ryle

They threw away the golden opportunity for learning. They would not get wisdom at the time when their minds were most able to receive it, and their memories most able to retain it.

How often will they [young men] not stop to listen to a hint from an older person! They think they know everything. They are full of conceit of their own wisdom.

Once give over caring for the Sabbath, and in the end you will give over caring for your soul. The steps which lead to this conclusion are easy and regular. Begin with not honouring God’s day, and you will soon not honour God’s house; cease to honour God’s house and you will soon cease to honour God’s book; cease to honour God’s book, and by the by you will give...

For another thing, the devil uses a special diligence to destroy the souls of young men, and they seem not to know it.

I grant you, one penitent thief was converted in his last hours, that no man might despair; but I warn you, only one was converted, that no man may presume.

Sin, once allowed to nestle in your bosom, will not be turned out at your bidding. Custom becomes second nature, and its chains are threefold cords not easily broken… Custom is the nurse of sin. Every fresh act of sin lessens fear and remorse, hardens our hearts, blunts the edge of our conscience, and increases our evil inclination.”

Amidst the flood of dangerous reading, I plead for my Master’s book - I call upon you not to forget the book of the soul. Let not newspapers, novels, and romances be read, while the prophets and apostles lie despised. Let not the exciting and licentious swallow up your attention, while the edifying and the sanctifying can find no place in your mind.

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