Quotes by Joshua Harris

Joshua Harris

I know the idea of “studying” God often rubs people the wrong way. It sounds cold and theoretical, as if God were a frog carcass to dissect in a lab or a set of ideas that we memorise like math proofs.

But studying God doesn’t have to be like that. You can study him the way you study a sunset that leaves you speechless. You can study him the way a man studies the wife he...

A Christian can depersonalise God by making him the object of investigation rather than the Lord to who we are subject. The vitality of our faith gets sucked out when our stance toward God changes from “I trust in” to “I believe that”

What kind of stories would we have to tell in heaven if God just showed up and made everybody believe?

Imagine those conversations.

“So when did God save you?”

“Oh it was the year he came out and turned Christopher Hitchens into a turtle.”

“Snapping turtle, wasn’t it?”

“Oh, right. That was clever. Yep, that’s when I ...

If we stand before the awesome knowledge of God’s character and our first thought isn’t I am small and unworthy to know the Creator of the universe, then we should be concerned. Too many of us catch a glimpse of him and think, Look at me, taking all this in. Think of all the poor fools who have never seen this. God, you’re certainly lucky to have me...

The message of Christian Orthodoxy isn’t that I’m right and someone else is wrong. It’s that I am wrong yet God is filled with grace. I am wrong, and yet God has made a way for me to be forgiven and accepted and loved for eternity. I am wrong, and yet God gave his Son, Jesus, to die in my place and receive my punishment. I am wrong, but through faith in Jesus, I can be made...

I’ve come to see that you can limit God in different ways. You can limit him by thinking he can never work in spectacular ways. But you can also limit him by thinking that only the spectacular is meaningful

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