Quotes by Tony Reinke

Tony Reinke

Reading is a difficult pleasure because it requires discipline, diligence, and focus. But like in any pleasure, it is a pleasure that can be done for God’s glory.

In a world so easily satisfied by images, it’s too easy to waste our lives watching mindless television and squandering our free time away with entertainment. We have a higher calling. God has called us to live our lives by faith and not by sight—and this can mean nothing less than committing our lives to the pursuit of language, revelation, and great books.

Truth discovered in non-Christian literature may glow brightly in our eyes, but for authors not washed in Christ’s blood, these truths bear a heavier guilt upon their souls before God and reveal their damnable lack of obedience and lack of gratitude to God

God’s words are always true, because God’s words are self validating. God speaks, and his words shape and resolve what is true and good.

Christian book reading is never a solitary experience, but an open invitation to commune with God.

The One who created the cosmos by the word of his mouth in the beginning, the One who invented human language in Eden, the One who spread languages across the land at Babel, now put pen to paper—or finger to stone—and wrote. To this day, those words can be found in any major bookstore.

My prayer is that under his illuminating grace, God will be glorified as we read books full of his truth to be discovered, his goodness to be heeded, and his beauty to be cherished.

The only book you should read entirely is the Bible. All other books must prove their value along the way. Don’t allow unfinished books to pile up in a mountain of guilt. Show patience with a book, but cut ties when necessary and move on.

The motto of the reading Christian is a dazzling doxology: “in your light do we see light” (Ps 36:9)

If we are honest, we admit that we don’t write things down to remember them; usually we write things down to forget them.

In all honesty, it has taken me many years to simply delight myself in beautiful books. Now they provide me with relaxation, pleasure, and a delightful weapon to foil the devil

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