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For a Christian, the mind is important because God is important. Who, after all, made the world of nature and then made possible the development of sciences through which we find out more about nature? Who formed the universe of human interactions and so provided the raw material of politics, economics, sociology, and history? Who is the source ... View Quote

If God is ever considered in study, it is as an object of study rather than as the source and sustainer by which study is even possible.

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The great institutes of higher learning in Western culture function as the mind of Western culture. They define what is important; they specify procedures to be respected; they set agendas for analysing the problems of the world; they produce the books that get read and that over decades continue to influence thinking over the world—and they d... View Quote

The university is a clear-cut fulcrum with which to move the world. The problem here is for the church to realise that no greater service can it render both itself and the cause of the gospel, with which it is entrusted, than to try to recapture the universities for Christ on whom they were all originally founded … More potently than by an... View Quote

As I think about the university, I think it is a place to redeem. Furthermore, it is a place through which to redeem the rest of the world

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The most powerful forces in America are no longer church and state by Harvard and Hollywood

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