Quote from Manhood Restored: How the Gospel Makes Men Whole


[Suggestions to develop a plan for spiritual growth in marriage]

  1. Get a visionary picture of what the Lord wants a biblical woman to look like.
  2. Pray for her growth.
  3. Expect that the Lord is going to grow her.
  4. Pray for the strength to lead her in a loving and caring way.
  5. Develop goals and objectives for her development based on Scripture
  6. Read solid books on biblical femininity.
  7. Do not be overbearing toward her pace of growth.
  8. Load your soul with truth so that the Spirit has something to pull out of you.
  9. Learn to minister her through listening. Sometimes women talk through their issues knowing already what they need. They just need our understanding to listen. Telling her what she already knows can lead to exacerbating her frustration and create a wall in communication.
  10. Repent of your sin without bringing up her sin
  11. Set her up to win. Make sure she recognizes that you are for her. As you develop plans, facilitate her ability to walk in her role as a wife. That could mean money, resources, and time to develop great community, just to name a few