Quote from Rescuing Ambition


God has made me willing to do anything that I can do, consistent with truth, for the sake of peace, and that I might not be a stumbling block to others. For this reason I can cheerfully forego and give up what I verily believe, after the most mature and impartial search, is my right, in some instances. God has given me the disposition that, if this were the case that a man has done me an hundred injuries and I (though ever so much provoked to it) have done him one, I feel disposed and heartily willing humbly to confess my fault to him, and on my knees ask for forgiveness of him; though at the same time he should justify himself in all the injuries he has done me and should only use of my humble confession to blacken my character the more and represent me as the only person guilty.

— David Brainerd, as quoted in Rescuing Ambition by Dave Harvey (p.151)