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If you saw a Dutch family in its home in a suburban [Australian] street, as self-contained and accommodated to its surroundings as the molecule which passes from one body of matter to another, you might say that assimilation was complete. There is some evidence that a sense of community can disappear with Germans, Poles and other Northern Europe... read more

Australia is one of the few countries in the world that has not received American economic aid. Americans can show signs of emotional insecurity when this is pointed out to them by Australians. They may not even believe it. Americans have become so used to believing that everyone in the world has drawn economic assistance from them that it seems... read more

In sport, in the view of the nation builders, there were gradations of goodness: to play was best, to watch was second best: to watch cricket was better than watching horse races; to watch wrestling or motor races was not watching sport at all – it was mere entertainment. To stay home or even go to the beach and sun oneself was evil when one ... read more

Assimilation is best made in bed

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Wollongong is a mystery thrown up from the puzzles of industrial change. Building and rebuilding are conducted with twentieth-century technique but in a goldrush muddle. Wollongong is a series of settlements spread along the coast rather than a city. The central part of this agglomeration is still a one-street town. People from forty or fifty na... read more

Australians often seem to assume that since they leave the world alone it should do the same by them

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Relations with England prickle with familial misunderstandings. It’s like growing away from one’s parents and seeking new patterns of identity with them, looking for common hobbies and topics of interest so that one can keep up a connection. Relations with America are those of a young cousin to an immensely successful and older cousi... read more

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