Quotes about bible study

There is nothing in the Bible to say a church ought to have an organised network of small groups. Or that without dividing up into such groups a church will necessarily be unhealthy in some way. The basic ‘unit’ of the church is the church itself, not some subdivision of it. But that said, small groups can be a very helpful... read more

Generation after generation of Christians has been thrilled by the process of taking the ‘raw material’ of words on a page and - under God’s direction - reading, discussing, sharpening, refining, conceptualising and applying those words to their daily lives.

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The Christian who is not diligently involved in a serious study of Scripture is simply inadequate as a disciple of Christ.

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The notion that [the texts of the Bible] have meaning and integrity, intention, contexts, and subtexts, and that they are part of an enormous history of interpretation that has long involved some of the greatest thinkers in the history of the world, is a notion often lost on those for whom the text is just one more of the many means the church p... read more

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