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In a world so easily satisfied by images, it’s too easy to waste our lives watching mindless television and squandering our free time away with entertainment. We have a higher calling. God has called us to live our lives by faith and not by sight—and this can mean nothing less than committing our lives to the pursuit of language, revelat... read more

Food that is vomited up as soon as it is rated is not assimilated into the body and does not do one any good… a plant which is frequently moved never grows strong. Nothing is so useful that it can be of any service in the mere passing. A multitude of books only gets in one’s way.

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Christian book reading is never a solitary experience, but an open invitation to commune with God.

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All other books might be heaped in one pile and burned with less loss to the world than would be occasioned by the obliteration of a single page of the sacred volume [Scripture]. At their best, all other books are but as gold leaf, requiring acres to find one ounce of the precious metal. But the Bible is solid gold. It contains blocks of gold, m... read more

And so the sweet smile of a baby, the tender embrace of a mother, the passion of a kiss, the smell of bread baking and meat grilling, the glories of the sea and sky, the gift of good work that satisfies and serves, the ordered safety of street lights and speed limits, the wonders of good novels and good music, the miracles of x-rays and dental c... read more

The problem of reading the Holy Book—if you have faith that it is the Word of God—is the most difficult problem in the whole field of reading. There have been more books written on how to read Scripture than about all other aspects of the art of reading together. The Word of God is obviously the most difficult writing men can read; but it is... read more

The One who created the cosmos by the word of his mouth in the beginning, the One who invented human language in Eden, the One who spread languages across the land at Babel, now put pen to paper—or finger to stone—and wrote. To this day, those words can be found in any major bookstore.

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Literature is a form of discovery, perception, intensification, expression, interpretation, creativity, beauty, and understanding. These are ennobling activities and qualities. For a Christian, they can be God-glorifying, a gift from God to the human race to be accepted with zest.

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