Quotes about calvinism

One of my favourite “spiritual” sites in town is the new arrivals shelf at the downtown library. In fact, I consider the new arrivals shelf a kind of Sinai where I go expecting God to show me something: to reveal something. In the public library, the acquisitions are not governed by “academic” concerns. There is no logic of selection tha... read more

What if we all stopped mocking other believers who disagree with Calvinism? What would happen if we simply said, “Tell me more about that. I really want to understand where you’re coming from. I know how much you love the Lord, and I respect your struggle. Let’s talk about it.” Imagine if the first words that came to mind when people tho... read more

The fount and end of the Reformed tradition is God himself as revealed to us in Jesus Christ and present with us in the person of the Holy Spirit.

... read more

The only known treatment for NCS [New Calvinist Syndrome] is to lock the afflicted Calvinist in a room with nothing but the Bible and a picture of John Wesley. When he stops throwing the Bible at Wesley’s face, he’s free to rejoin Christendom, but only under the close supervision of godly elders with the pa... read more

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