Quotes about gifts

My wife and I end to overgift our kids at Christmas. We laugh and feel foolish when a kid is so distracted with one toy that we must force them into opening the next, or when something grand goes completely unnoticed in a corner. How consumerist, right? How crassly American.
How like God.
We are all that overwhelmed kid, not even not... read more

God doesn’t use people because they are gifted. God uses people (even preachers) because he is gracious.

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God often waits to give a blessing until you have prayed for it. Why? Good things that we do not ask for will usually be interpreted by our hearts as the fruit of our own wisdom and diligence. Gifts from God that are not acknowledged as such are deadly to the soul, because they thicken the illusion of self-sufficiency that leads to overconfidenc... read more

Our futile struggle in time is courtesy of God’s excessive giving. Sunset after sunset make it hard to remember and hold just one. Smell after smell, laugh after laugh. A mind still thinking, a heart still beating. Imagine sticking your finger on your pulse and thanking God every time He gave you another blood-driving, brain-powering thump... read more

It’s arrogant and selfish to suppose you have a right to do only what energises you when most people spend their lives on factory production lines or bent over in fields.

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Just as “delight is incomplete until it is expressed,” so creation is incomplete until it is faithfully subdued, cultivated, and sanctified by thankful people. Or again, a gift is incomplete until it is thankfully received and glorified in and through the delight of God’s people.

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[In her hymn ‘Turn your eyes upon Jesus’, the author Mrs. Lemmel] says “things of the earth,” which makes it sound like, in the light of his face, my wife and my kids and my Chipotle burrito get dim and dull and dusty. And that’s not my experience . In the light of his face, they get brighter and better and more potent. A full ... read more

Having experienced the joy of receiving, we seek to spread this experience to others—to give concrete gifts that meet real needs, to give thoughtful gift that satisfy long-held desires, to give surprising gifts that awaken unanticipated delight. Before you can be a lavish giver, you must first be an eager and grateful receiver.

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