Quotes about jesus

[Jesus’] mission was to fulfil Scripture, and his teaching always upheld Scripture. He never disrespected, never disregarded, never disagreed with a single text of Scripture. He affirmed every bit of law, prophecy, narrative, and poetry. He never for a moment accepted the legitimacy of anyone anywhere violating, ignoring, refining, or rejectin... read more

Christians can hope because faith always reaches beyond earthly circumstances. Its confidence is in a person. And no other person in recorded history has influenced more people in as many conditions over so long a time as Jesus Christ. The shades and tones of his image seem to shift with the needs of men: the Jewish Messiah of the believing remn... read more

[Aslan] bent forward and just touched her nose with his tongue. His warm breath came all around her. She gazed up into his large wise face. “Welcome child,” he said.
“Aslan,” said Lucy, “you’re bigger.”
“That is because you are older, little one,” answered he.
“Not because you are?”
“I am not,... read more

His is the name full of names! He is the Christ, the Lord, the Almighty, the Faithful and True, the Alpha and Omega, Immanuel—God with Us, the Bright Morning Star, the Sun of Righteousness, King of kings and Lord of lords, the Lion of Judah, the Root of David, the Son of David. He is Rabbi, God’s Only Begotten Son, the Ancient of Days, t... read more

The Son is our Great Superlative, surpassing all others because in him we have the fullness and finality of God’s redemption and revelation.

... read more

We see all the virtues of holiness perfectly aligned in Christ. He was always gentle, but never soft. He was bold, but never brash. He was pure, but never prudish. He was full of mercy, but not at the expense of justice. He was full of truth, but not at the expense of grace. In everything he was submissive to his heavenly Father, and he gave eve... read more

The main question the Sermon [on the Mount] forces upon us is not so much ‘What do you make of this teaching?’ as ‘Who on earth is this teacher?’

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We made ourselves filthy and corrupt, and God “cursed” us with death like a mother cursing her mud-caked children with a scalding shower. His curse swallows up our own. Time marches us to Death, and together they strip our hands. But there is a Man there, beside the grave, collecting all our grime, stripping more than hands—stripping heart... read more


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