Quotes about joy

I am so sure of God’s guiding hand that I hope I shall always be kept in that certainty. You must never doubt that I’m travelling with gratitude and cheerfulness along the road where I’m being led. My past life is brim-full of God’s goodness and my sins are covered by the forgiving love of Christ crucified.

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We will never find joy in church membership when we are constantly seeking things our way. But paradoxically, we will find the greatest joy when we choose to be last. That’s what Jesus meant when He said the last will be first. True joy means giving up our rights and preferences and serving everyone else.

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Christians should be busy people. We should be ‘poured out’ (Phil 2:17). We give our lives to Christ and no longer claim our time as our own. We work ‘night and day, labouring and toiling’ (2 Thess 3:8). Our faith produces work, our love prompts labour and our hope inspires endurance (1 Thess 1:3). We work as those those deeds will follo... read more

Man is more himself, man is more manlike, when joy is the fundamental thing to him, and grief the superficial. Melancholy should be an innocent interlude, a tender and fugitive frame of mind; praise should be the permanent pulsation of the soul. Pessimism is at best an emotional half-holiday; joy is the uproarious labour by which all things ... read more

The delight of fatherhood, the solidity of rocks, the safety of fortresses, the majesty of thunderstorms, the comfort of a good friend, the intensity of sexual pleasure, the colourful variety of autumn leaves—all these infuse and shape and inform our engagement with God directly. Which means that we need not necessarily fear the intensity of o... read more

When Christians are gentle, others can start to doubt their muscular systems of vengeance. When Christians are joyfully hopeful, others may doubt their despair. When Christians are lavishly generous, endless practices of acquisition are destabilised. When Christians are graceful, it becomes possible to loosen the bonds of self-improvement.<... read more

[In her hymn ‘Turn your eyes upon Jesus’, the author Mrs. Lemmel] says “things of the earth,” which makes it sound like, in the light of his face, my wife and my kids and my Chipotle burrito get dim and dull and dusty. And that’s not my experience . In the light of his face, they get brighter and better and more potent. A full ... read more

It is grace that enables us the sorrowful to rejoice in the joy of others, especially when they receive something that we desperately want or have tragically lost. It is grace that enables the joyful to bear with the suffering of the grief-stricken, especially when our hearts are bursting with gladness. Grace must reign, love must cover a multit... read more

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