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A Christian can depersonalise God by making him the object of investigation rather than the Lord to who we are subject. The vitality of our faith gets sucked out when our stance toward God changes from “I trust in” to “I believe that”

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Reader, If it is not strong upon your heart to practice what you read, to what end do you read? To increase your own condemnation? If your light and knowledge be not turned into practice, the more knowing a man you are, the more miserable a man you will be in the day of recompense; your light and knowledge will more torment you than all the devi... read more

If we stand before the awesome knowledge of God’s character and our first thought isn’t I am small and unworthy to know the Creator of the universe, then we should be concerned. Too many of us catch a glimpse of him and think, Look at me, taking all this in. Think of all the poor fools who have never seen this. ... read more

I sometimes think Christians apologise too much for learning. We are wary of being bigheaded, small-hearted people, and that’s a valid concern. But isn’t knowing God the goal? Some sermons should not end with three points of “practical” application, because simply knowing God better is the point. Of course, this knowledge is more... read more

Virtually every attack against theism involves a rejection of one or more of the four basic necessary principles for human knowledge: 1) the law of non-contradiction, 2) the law of causality, 3) the basic reliability of sense perception, 4) the adequacy of human language to communicate. All four of these principles are assumed throughout the Bib... read more

Think not, dear friend, that ignorance can push you out of the family of God. Little children cannot read Greek or Latin, but they can say “Abba, Father,” and that is all they need to say. If you cannot read books of deep theological lore, yet, if Jesus Christ be thine—if you are trusting in him—even the imperfect knowledge that you have... read more

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