Quotes about marriage

To hate is to reject, to set one’s face against, to make no concession to, the Beloved when the Beloved utters, however sweetly and however pitiably, the suggestions of the Devil

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Solomon made several statements that give great insight and freedom to what it looks like to enjoy sex with one’s wife. “Drink water from your own cistern,” he says. “Let your fountain be blessed,” “take pleasure in the wife of your youth,” “let her breasts always satisfy you,” and “be lost in her love forever.” As a marrie... read more

Our marriages are inevitably bound up with the realities of ministry. It is a blessing and a privilege to have a partner who works, cares, cries, rejoices and reflects with us. And we need to think and pray hard about the best ways to work together and support each other.

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We must do the work of Eros when Eros is not present. This all good lovers know, though those who are not reflective or articulate will be able to express it in a few conventional phrases about ‘taking the rough along with the smooth’, not ‘expecting too much’, having ‘a little common sense’, and the like. And all good Christian love... read more

[Suggestions to develop a plan for spiritual growth in marriage]

  1. Get a visionary picture of what the Lord wants a biblical woman to look like.
  2. Pray for her growth.
  3. Expect that the Lord is going to grow her.
  4. Pray for the strength to lead her in a loving and caring way.
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The sternest feminist need not grudge my sex the crown offered to it either in the Pagan or the Christian mystery. For one is of paper and the other of thorns. The real danger is not that husbands may grasp the latter too eagerly; but that they will allow or compel their wives to usurp it.

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Men, if your wife is lifeless, uncommitted to the Lord, spiritually docile, and ineffective in her role as a wife, you need to consider not what is wrong with her, but rather what your role is in her being in that state. It doesn’t all fall on you, just as it’s not Jesus’ fault if you aren’t moving forward spiritually. But you must think... read more

When [Adoniram Judson] proposed to his wife Ann, he said to her: ‘Give me your hand to go with me to the jungles of Asia, and there die with me in the cause of Christ.’

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