Quotes about parenting

The school years escalate in difficulty and multiply in temptation. Add sports and friends and hormones and petty power structures. You can now sit in huge chunks of hurtling metal, taking the lives of every one of your passengers and every passenger in every passing chunk of metal and every passing pedestrian and every passing bicyclist into yo... read more

The cry of a baby in the middle of the night is not simply a summons to change a nappy – it contains within it more than our ears can hear. It is a call to leave the cosy self-interest of our warm beds; to come, saying no to a thousand voices that tell us to remain where we are comfortable. It is a call to come away from ourselves. No one who ... read more

Reading Narnia and writing this book have only stoked my desire to raise both of my sons to be the kind of men who cheerfully embrace whatever adventure Aslan sends them

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Because we are people of the Word, it has been the most natural thing in the world for us to be people of words. Because we want our children to have access to the Word of God, we make a special point of teaching them all how to read. But of course, once we have opened up the Scriptures for them, they go on to read (and write) many other things.... read more

God has made children to be magnificently subversive: they overwhelm the most elaborate defences of the most selfish adults.

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