Quotes about preaching

“Ah, I see,” said one of the men [to Charles Spurgeon], “your jokes and lightheartedness plough the land, then you put in the seed.” You could not find a better philosophy of humor in the pulpit than that

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Edwards used imagination in his preaching. Like every good teacher and preacher, he turned the ear into an eye and helped people to see spiritual truth. He knew that the mind is not a debating chamber—it is a picture gallery

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Biscuits and sermons are improved by shortening.

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Where God is explaining something, we need to help people understand. Where God is warning us, we need to help people feel the urgency and weight of that. Where God is wooing us, we need to help people feel the pull of his love. Where God is correcting us, we need to show people that they are going the wrong way and to help them get back on trac... read more

Christianity now has to preach the diagnosis—in itself very bad news—before it can win a hearing for the cure

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Don’t you know, young man, that from every town and every village and every hamlet in England, wherever it may be, there is a road to London? So from every text of Scripture there is a road to Christ. And my dear brother, your business is, when you get to a text, to day, now, what is the road to Christ? I have never found a text that had n... read more

In fact, to use very long words, to seem very learned, to make people go away after a sermon, saying, “How fine! how clever! how grand!” all this is very easy work. But to write what will strike and stick, to speak or to write that which at once pleases and is understood, and becomes assimilated with a hearer’s mind and a thing never f... read more

The communications zing I’m talking about comes from deep reserves of intelligence and graciousness and humour and wisdom. The zing doesn’t just shape the words; it also shapes the way the words are spoken. The act of delivery. The pitch, the pace, the punch… the perfectly places pauses. That’s a lot of ‘p’ words... read more


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