Quotes about pride

Far be it from us to think we have virtues for which God could love us. But then, how magnificently we have repented! As Bunyan says, describing his first and illusory conversion, ‘I thought there was no man in England that pleased God better than I.’ Beaten out of this, we next offer our own humility to God’s admiration. Surely HeR... read more

If we stand before the awesome knowledge of God’s character and our first thought isn’t I am small and unworthy to know the Creator of the universe, then we should be concerned. Too many of us catch a glimpse of him and think, Look at me, taking all this in. Think of all the poor fools who have never seen this. ... read more

Satan knows that if he would present sin in its own nature and dress, the soul would rather fly from it than yield to it; and therefore he presents it unto us, not in its own proper colours—but painted and gilded over with the name and show of virtue, that we may the more easily be overcome by it, and take more pleasure in committing of it. Pr... read more

O God of earth and altar,
Bow down and hear our cry
Our earthly rulers falter,
Our people drift and die;
The walls of gold entomb us,
The swords of scorn divide,
Take not thy thunder from us,
But take away our pride.

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Our only reason for pleasing men around us is that we may please ourselves.

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Go to the Lord in prayer and ask Him if He wants you to invest time in Scripture memorization. Listen to Him, confident that He will guide you. Once you have that sense from God, ask Him humbly for help from the Holy Spirit. Ask Him to protect you from spiritual pride … God hates pride in every form (see Isaiah 2:6-22 and Luke 18:9-14), an... read more

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