Quotes about relationships

When the two people who thus discover that they are on the same secret road are of different sexes, the friendship which arises between them will very easily pass – may pass in the first half hour – into erotic love. Indeed, unless they are physically repulsive to each other or unless one or both already loves elsewhere, it is almost certain... read more

It sounds really spiritual to say God is interested in a relationship not in rules. But it’s not biblical. From top to bottom the Bible is full of commands. They aren’t meant to stifle a relationship with God, but to protect it, seal it, and define it.

... read more

Isn’t this what we live for, when you come down to it, time spent with other people, those moments that can’t be translated into ones and zeros and replicated on a screen? Obviously relationships are about more than being with others in a literal, bodily sense. They can be maintained and nurtured across great distances using all kind... read more

We have given things priority over persons, we have built a civilisation based on things rather than on persons. Old people are discounted because they are purely and simply persons, whose only value is as persons and not as producers any more.
When we are old…, we have the time and the qualifications necessary to a true ministry of ... read more

God has made me willing to do anything that I can do, consistent with truth, for the sake of peace, and that I might not be a stumbling block to others. For this reason I can cheerfully forego and give up what I verily believe, after the most mature and impartial search, is my right, in some instances. God has given me the disposition that, if t... read more

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