Quotes about sabbath

Once give over caring for the Sabbath, and in the end you will give over caring for your soul. The steps which lead to this conclusion are easy and regular. Begin with not honouring God’s day, and you will soon not honour God’s house; cease to honour God’s house and you will soon cease to honour God’s book; cease to honou... read more

We human beings are at our most human not so much when we work, as when we lay aside our work in order to worship

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But to return to the matter of honouring your mother. I think it is significant that the Fifth Commandment falls between those that have to do with proper worship of God and those that have to do with right conduct toward other people. I have always wondered if the Commandments should be read as occurring in order of importance. If that is corre... read more

But the seventh day has no ending and skinks towards no sunset, for you sanctified it that it might abide for ever. After completing your exceedingly good works you rested on the seventh day, though you achieved them in repose; and you willed your book to tell us this as a promise that when our works are finished (works exceedingly good inasmuch... read more

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