Quotes about sanctification

You can think of holiness, to employ a metaphor, as the sanctification of your body. The mind is filled with the knowledge of God and fixed on what is good. The eyes turn away from sensuality and shudder at the sight of evil. The mouth tells the truth and refuses to gossip, slander, or speak what is coarse or obscene. The spirit is earnest, stea... read more

Sanctification is like a man walking up the stairs with a yo-yo. There are a lot of ups and downs, but ultimate progress nonetheless.

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Christian character is like a single garment woven from threads of varying colours and shades. From a distance the garment appears to be a single colour, but closer examination reveals that it is a combination of different-coloured threads to produce the overall effect. The casual observer is not overly concerned with those various threads; he n... read more

Progress is not only what God expects from me but what he allows from me.

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The Christian life still entails obedience. It still involves a fight. But it’s a fight we’ll win. You have the Spirit of Christ in your corner, rubbing your shoulders, holding the bucket, putting his arm around you and saying before the next round with sin, “You’re going to knock him out, kid.” Sin may get in some good jab... read more

There is no shortcut to sanctification by trying to relive the glory days of some bygone era. “If only things could be like they used to be.” Well, that might help with public standards of sexual decency, but the good ol’ days weren’t so good on race relations. Every generation has both its insights and its blind spots. It takes wisd... read more

God has planned for your holiness. He’s providing for your holiness. And he helps you grow in holiness by pulling and pushing and prodding and provoking from one little degree of glory to the next.

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By grace and in grace we scour every corner of our hearts, every square inch of our lives, and probe our minds to find anything that is not in submission to Jesus Christ, and we eradicate it altogether for the glory of God, for the safety of our soul, and for the love of those around us

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