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[Christianity] has the seemingly arbitrary and idiosyncratic character which modern science is slowly telling us to put up with in this wilful universe, where energy is made up in little parcels of a quantity no one could predict, where speed is not unlimited, where irreversible entropy gives time a real direction and the cosmos, no longer stati... read more

The Hebrew vocabulary includes no equivalent to our term ‘Nature’. This is not surprising if by ‘Nature’ we mean ‘the creative and regulative physical power which is conceived of as operating in the physical world and as the immediate cause of all its phenomena’, the only way to render this idea into Hebrew would be to say simply ‘... read more

For a Christian, the mind is important because God is important. Who, after all, made the world of nature and then made possible the development of sciences through which we find out more about nature? Who formed the universe of human interactions and so provided the raw material of politics, economics, sociology, and history? Who is the source ... read more

What is remarkable is that human beings are actually able to carry out this code-breaking operation, that the human mind has the necessary intellectual equipment for us to “unlock the secrets of nature” and make a passable attempt at completing nature’s “cryptic crossword”. It would be easy to imagine a world in which the regularit... read more

Nature and Nature’s laws lay hid in night;
God said, “Let Newton be!” and all was light.

... read more

Simpler theories like Newton’s laws remain in place as part of the meaning of God’s law. Even though they are approximate, they illustrate God’s goodness and wisdom. And they illustrate God’s kindness in providing “stepping-stones” toward more complex and richer theories.

... read more

Virtually every attack against theism involves a rejection of one or more of the four basic necessary principles for human knowledge: 1) the law of non-contradiction, 2) the law of causality, 3) the basic reliability of sense perception, 4) the adequacy of human language to communicate. All four of these principles are assumed throughout the Bib... read more

Again, if matter has a fixed nature and obeys constant laws, not all states of matter will be equally agreeable to the wishes of a given soul, nor all equally beneficial for that particular aggregate of matter which he calls his body. If fire comforts that body at a certain distance, it will destroy it when the distance is reduced. Hence, even i... read more


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