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Solomon made several statements that give great insight and freedom to what it looks like to enjoy sex with one’s wife. “Drink water from your own cistern,” he says. “Let your fountain be blessed,” “take pleasure in the wife of your youth,” “let her breasts always satisfy you,” and “be lost in her love forever.” As a marrie... read more

Malacandra [Mars] was like rhythm and Perelandra [Venus] like melody. He has said Malacandra affected him like a quantitative, Perelandra like an accentual, metre. He thinks that the first held in his hand something like a spear, but the hands of the other were open, with the palms towards him. But I don’t know that any of these attempts ... read more

For I can hardly help regarding it as one of God’s jokes that a passion so soaring, so apparently transparent, as Eros, should thus be linked in congruous symbiosis with a bodily appetite which, like any other appetite, tactlessly reveals its connections with such mundane factors as weather, health, diet, circulation, and digestion. In Ero... read more

Godly sex is so paradoxical because two seemingly contradictory things are meant to happen at the same time: we enjoy it, but also must be selfless toward our spouse in having it.

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Our sexuality should be regarded as the transposition into a minor key of that creative joy which in Him is unceasing and irresistible.

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All we were trying to do was to tenderly express with our bodies the oneness we had first begun feeling as friends and which had then grown stronger and deeper as we fell in love… With sex, we were trying to be vulnerable to each other, to give each other the gift of bare-faced rejoicing in one another, and to know the pleasure of giving o... read more

A married couple gives a severe blow to the head of that ancient serpent when they aim to give as much sexual satisfaction to each other as possible. Is it not a mark of amazing grace that on top of all the pleasure that the sexual side of marriage brings, it also proves to be a fearsome weapon against our ancient foe?

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The delight of fatherhood, the solidity of rocks, the safety of fortresses, the majesty of thunderstorms, the comfort of a good friend, the intensity of sexual pleasure, the colourful variety of autumn leaves—all these infuse and shape and inform our engagement with God directly. Which means that we need not necessarily fear the intensity of o... read more

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