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We use [digital devices] to nurture relationships, to feed our emotional, social, and spiritual hungers, to think creatively and express ourselves. It’s no exaggeration to say that, at their best, they produce the kind of moments that make life rewarding and worth living. If you’ve ever written an email straight from the heart, watch... read more

I’ve been to enough Steve Jobs keynotes now to know that the man is able to take a crowd and bend it to his will. Every time, I’ve been a willing subject—sometimes (but not every time) to find myself in a hangover-like state a day later when I try to remember exactly why I thought that whatever he was pitching would change my life ... read more

A slender wire has become the highway of thought. Messages follow each other in quick succession. Joy spreads on the track of sorrow. The arrival of a ship, news of a revolution, or a battle, the price of pork, the state of foreign and domestic markets, missives of love, the progress of the courts, the success or discomfiture of disease, the res... read more

Old tools are plain fun. As virtual life weighs down on us, material objects paradoxically begin to seem light and playful. Vinyl records not only do sound better, they’re fascinating to handle and ponder. I take yo-yo breaks in the office. Dominoes and marbles have become a draw. Board games can be bliss.

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Computer science is wonderful, but it isn’t everything.

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At some point, I noticed that it had become hard for me to stay focused on a single task of any kind, mental or physical, without adding new ones. While brushing my teeth, I would wander out of the bathroom in search of something else to do at the same time. I’d be organising my sock drawer with one hand while trying to reach my wisdom tee... read more

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