Quotes about trinity

The relation of the Son to the Father in the Trinity, or that between the divine and human natures in the one person of Jesus, or the relationship between divine sovereignty and human responsibility in salvation and sanctification, or the relationship between the individual and the community in the church, or that between the divine and human el... read more

If God were only unipersonal, then love could not have appeared until after God began to create other beings. That would mean God was more fundamentally power than he was love. Love would not be as important as power.

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Suffice it to say here that this triple enigma [the Trinity] is as comforting as wine and open as an English fireside; that this thing that bewilders the intellect utterly quiets the heart: but out of the desert, from the dry places and the dreadful suns, come the cruel children of the lonely God; the Unitarians who with scimitar in hand have la... read more

In the dance of the Trinity, the greatest is the one who is most self-effacing, most sacrificial, most devoted to the good of the Other.

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The Trinity is the heart of the Christian religion, the great mystery that makes all other mysteries understandable.

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