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[Suggestions to develop a plan for spiritual growth in marriage]

  1. Get a visionary picture of what the Lord wants a biblical woman to look like.
  2. Pray for her growth.
  3. Expect that the Lord is going to grow her.
  4. Pray for the strength to lead her in a loving and caring way.
  5. Deve... read more

Men, if your wife is lifeless, uncommitted to the Lord, spiritually docile, and ineffective in her role as a wife, you need to consider not what is wrong with her, but rather what your role is in her being in that state. It doesn’t all fall on you, just as it’s not Jesus’ fault if you aren’t moving forward spiritually. But you must think... read more

We are to administer gospel-centered words from the Bible to aid in the work of God for her life and growth

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As men we need to become students of our wives. That means understanding what sets her off emotionally, her needs, her passion, and her preferences

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“I have a wife, a piece of string, a pencil and a knife: what more can any man want on a honeymoon?”

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[In her hymn ‘Turn your eyes upon Jesus’, the author Mrs. Lemmel] says “things of the earth,” which makes it sound like, in the light of his face, my wife and my kids and my Chipotle burrito get dim and dull and dusty. And that’s not my experience . In the light of his face, they get brighter and better and more potent. A full ... read more

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