Quotes about worldliness

There are goods for the throne of grace—as God, Christ, the Spirit, adoption, justification, remission of sin, peace with God, and peace with conscience. And there are goods of the footstool—as honours, riches, the favour of creatures, and other comforts and accommodation of this life. Now he who has acquaintance with, and assurance of the g... read more

Worldliness is whatever makes sin look normal and righteousness look strange.

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Chrysostom once said, That if he were to preach a sermon to the whole world, gathered together in one congregation, and had some high mountain for his pulpit, from whence he might have a prospect of all the world in his view, and were furnished with a voice of brass, a voice as loud as the trumpets of the archangel, that all the world might hear... read more

The honours, splendour, and all the glory of this world, are but sweet poisons, which will much endanger us, if they do not eternally destroy us. Ah! the multitude of souls that have glutted on these sweet baits and died forever.

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A man may have enough of the world to sink him—but he can never have enough to satisfy him!

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